The amount of times I’ve found myself saying this is unbelievable.

I remember being in Nuffield a few years back getting a gym membership and of course he’s a trained sales man and is taught to ask me questions.

He asked me what I did for work so like a polite little girl I answered the nice man.

He straight out offered me a job. Told me I’m unbelievable at sales and he wanted me to teach the other sales guys how to be “more Tanya”.

At the time I was a little offended haha.

“I’m not a sales woman I’m just passionate about what I do and believe in it” (take note of that we will come back to this point)

Fast forward 2 years I had fallen out of love with my business, I was suffering with adrenal fatigue and as a result my business, relationships and life suffered.

I went to a mastermind in Greece in an attempt to get my shit together and got chatting to a guy, he called me A LITTLE BITCH and gave me some books to read.

After putting my ego in my pocket I followed his advice.

My perception of sales changed.

Now the past 12 months online and my 7 years in mentoring coaches one of the biggest reasons I see people get taken out of the game is…


So I’m going to let you in to the secrets of a girl who has built and trained teams of 500+ people, that has been turning over 6 figures since she was 22 and built bootcamps with 300 members a month and taught that blueprint to 20,000 people for a 7 billion dollar company.

(I’ve also been nearly bankrupt twice so I guess you could say I’m a bit of a pro of getting out of shit)

I didn’t tell you that to impress you fyi, I told you because I’ve now got your attention haven’t I?

And no I am not going to teach you how to make 6 figures in 6 days so don’t even ask.

I will however give you some tips that if implemented WILL change the game for you!

Are you sat down… honestly this is rocket science you may need to take a seat.

1) Have something to sell. Told you ROCKET SCIENCE. Honestly this past week alone I’ve had several conversations with people who aren’t making money and when I get to the bottom of it its because they’ve never put anything up for sale. maybe I’m missing the point somewhere but how do you expect to make money if you don’t have a service/product for sale? Honestly I’m baffled by this.

2) Believe in what you do. People can EASILY sense when you don’t give a shit about what you are selling. Think of the things you buy… do you buy from the person who’s energy is clearly “I want your money” or do you buy from the person who’s sparkle in their eyes tell you everything even if they never said a word.

3) Make sales EVERYDAY. If you have a product that you believe in and know this can help someone get out of a pain they are in or to a pleasure they desire IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to show up DAILY and get it out there. One of my biggest shifts was realising if I don’t share what I do I am being SELFISH. If you are still in work and building this thing part time 3-5 sales activities PER DAY. If you are full time between 5-10 PER DAY. What are sales activities? Anything you can do to get yourself in front of people to share your stuff.

4) Make it FUN. If you don’t enjoy what you do, if it doesn’t excite you. You won’t do it. Plus people who are bored aren’t attractive (please refer back to point 2)

5) Make it SIMPLE. If you can’t explain your business model to someone on a napkin its too complicated. Seriously… ask yourself if I was to explain this to an 8 year old would they get it? The most effective business models keep it simple, less things to be overwhelmed and procrastinate over.

6) Bulletproof mindset is a must. You are going to be rejected, you’ll hear the word no more times than when you ask you partner for sexy time and you’ll have days where you question why you are doing this. The better you get at shaking it off and going again the better. If it was easy everyone would do it.

7) No doesn’t mean NEVER. Are you following up? Are you building relationships? Do you have things in place for people to grow to love, know and trust you? No simply means they either don’t know who you are, don’t like you yet or they don’t trust you enough yet to buy. The statistics show it takes 7-13+ points of contact before someone buys from you. By follow up I do NOT mean only getting in touch when its “please buy my shit”

8. When you do start earning all the monies don’t be a douchebag like I was and piss it up the wall. Cars, holidays, champagne and shoes are awesome but have a money plan so you don’t get carried away. Spending more than you earn is the SECOND biggest way to take yourself out of the game. I personally now follow Jim Rohns 70/10/10/10 if you want more info on that you can google it.

Hope this helps.

Remember, You are your brand.

T xx

p.s bonus tips

* Theres only so many hours in a day. Automate successful products so you are making sales whilst you are SLEEPING. (set stripe up to notify you to so you wake up to sales, one of my favourite pleasures)

* Delegate everything thats not in your genius zone as soon as possible!