Now I know some of you will be reading that right now who aren’t in the best place financially and likely said in your head “fuck off Tanya”

I know.

I know because I’ve been that person.

Frustrated at how great other people appear to be doing and comparing myself to them.

Caught up in shiny objections.

Hearing solutions but disregarded them because it can’t be that easy, the chaos, the pain surely can’t be that easily solved… so the search for the magic solution continues and the hole you’re digging gets deeper.

Yes… that’s right.


You’re addicted to your story.

You’re addicted to being a victim.

Truth is, most people are.

If you’re reading this and still in “fuck off Tanya” mode then you go dig your hole some more. Dig it till you reach rock bottom. Dig until you’re in so much pain it’s truly make or break. Then come back and read the rest.

If you’re brave enough to stick your ego in your pocket and accept blame. If you’re big enough to accept that it’s your fault and take that blow to the chin. Then continue reading.

Want The Magic Pill To Make 6 Figures At Least?

Master these 👇🏻


We are not just here “because”. Everyone is here on purpose for a purpose. If you think you were put here to play small and not make your difference… think again. If you’re bringing half assed effort, if you don’t feel connected to the bigger vision… you will be eaten up and spat back out.

From experience it simply does not work if you are not in love with it. You must be excited. You must have sparkle in your eyes.

Get super clear on these things:

– What lights you up?

– What do you talk about all the time?

– Who lights you up the most when you work with them?

– What experience and knowledge have you gained over the years?

  • What change do you want to make in the world?

Then ask yourself. Am I doing what I truly want to be doing with my business and life…?

If not, ask yourself WHY. Keep digging till you get to the real reason. Trust me, when you know, you KNOW.


You can rebrand and slightly change when ever you want. Just make a choice because if you don’t you will go round in circles and your message will be diluted and bland AF. You must CLAIM your people. if you’re not, how to you expect them to see you as the authority?

– Who do you want to help…?

– If you had to work with one person forever who would it be?

– Who on your fb list right now are you like why aren’t you my client yet”?

(Here’s a big hint: YOU are your DREAM client)


Write down a paragraph on how you help them get from where they are to where they want to be. Are you going to focus on masterminds? Retreats? Books? 1:1? Group programmes? How long is it going to take?

Then read it back and FEEL in to it.

– Does it light you up?

– Do you feel passionate about it?


How it will it change their life, their families lives and what will happen if you don’t get this to them. Be specific.

– What makes you different?

– What challenges have you overcome first hand?

Using these things in story format, will help highlight your why behind the message, it makes it powerful, relatable, it helps them see “I can too”


You want to become an authority and a leader. The QUICKEST way to do this for free is to host your own movement within a community and be the leader of that community. Think “groups” whether that be on or offline.


So many people get caught up on pricing and truth is you can only do low end, you can only do high high, you can do a mix of both. The thing that needs to be relative though is that its with your audience in mind. Charging 100k a year for mentoring for a a startup… doesn’t work.


Make sales EVERYDAY. If you have a product that you believe in and know this can help someone get out of a pain they are in or to a pleasure they desire IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to show up DAILY and get it out there. One of my biggest shifts was realising if I don’t share what I do I am being SELFISH. If you are still in work and building this thing part time 3-5 sales activities PER DAY. If you are full time between 5-10 PER DAY. What are sales activities? Anything you can do to get yourself in front of people to share your stuff.

Be personal, focus on building relationships, trust and likability and Give massive VALUE.

Remember, You are your brand.

Tanya xo