Seriously, talk about assisting in your own assassination… why don’t you just give him the gun and your whereabouts too while you are at it and let’s get this painful drivel be over with ASAP.

Ok Tanya… we get you’ve been obsessing over spy films again, but seriously wtf are you talking about?

Here is what I’m talking about…

(Yes I will talk to and answer myself, get over it)

STOP trying to charge per hour

STOP thinking you know what you’re client can afford

STOP not seeing the bigger picture, chasing the Wonga and thinking it’s all about you

If that ain’t three ways to shoot yourself in the foot I really don’t know what is

People DO NOT pay for information, products or programmes

They pay for the result

They pay for the promise

They pay for the benefit you can offer

They pay for support and structure

They pay for implementation

They pay for accountability

They pay for YOU

When was the last time you gave your best content away for free?

When was the last time you gave value without expecting to be paid for it?

When was the last time you tried to build a relationship without having a motive? (Aka im pretending to like you so you pay me)

When was the last time you gave a genuine compliment or praised someone?

My businesses have always been focused on contribution and community and giving too much has never been and never will will be a concern.


This is a HUGE part of you growing your business

This is a HUGE factor to your authority building

This a HUGE factor in growing a community

This a HUGE factor in relationship building

If you dish out shit in fear of giving away your best secrets

If you limit what you give in fear of giving too much

If you only give to receive

How do you think you’re perceived?

Erm… as someone who occasionally gives out shit and is FAKE AS UCK

If you come from a place of abundance

If you come from a place of authenticity

If you com from a place of purpose and passion

If you come from a place of continuous growth

You’ll never run out of things to say

You’ll never run out of content to give

Get yourself out of the

“What can you do for me mindset”

And switch that to

“How can I be of value today”

Here is the process I go through on all ventures…

  1. WHO IS YOUR PRODUCT FOR?                                                                                                                                                                 If you don’t know this you will go round in circles and your message will be diluted and bland AF. You must CLAIM your people.
  2. WHY AM I PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING THIS PERSON?                                                                                                              From experience it simply does not work if you are not in love with it. You must be excited. You must have sparkle in your eyes.
  3. HOW WILL MY PROGRAMME HELP THEM?                                                                                                                                         Get clear on how you are going to move them from their point A to point B. What is point B? How will they feel? What is the real result you sell at the absolute core…How it will it change their life, their families lives.
  4. WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T GET IT TO THEM?                                                                                                                                     Be specific about the PAIN. To their relationships, family, community, their WHOLE world.
  5. WHY ME?                                                                                                                                                                                                 You must really know who you are. What experience do you have first hand, what have you overcome, how did you do it? How have you then helped others to do the same.  Using these things in story format, will help highlight your why behind the message, it makes it powerful, relatable, it helps them see “I can too”
  6. WHY NOW?                                                                                                                                                                                              The only time is NOW. Urgency is important to help them get results, you being blaze is giving them permission to stay STUCK and play victim. They could die tomorrow.

So now tell me…

Do you change lives?

What is the price of a life change worth?…