Tanya whittam

Passionate Mentor

Tanya feels extremely fortunate to have the freedom to live her life by design and help others to make money whilst making a difference. 


successful entrepreneur

Tanya has founded several companies and has transformed the lives of thousands across many different industries including network marketing, fitness and business.

motivated speaker

Tanya runs international retreats and workshops helping thousands of people roll up their sleeves and take inspired action, FAST. Tanya is passionate about “Making sh*t happen” together

About Tanya

For the last 8 years Tanya has built a host of businesses including being a leader in a prominent Network Marketing company, built the largest bootcamp in The Uk, Owned a Personal Training studio and built an International Online Coaching business (among others) and is now the Founder of Tanya Whittam International.

Tanya specialises in helping ambitious coaches and experts who want to develop, launch and accelerate their empire to multi 6-figures and beyond by unleashing their truth and creating an impact.

She has trained thousands of people, helping them build six and multiple six figure businesses

The Real Story Behind A Multi 6 Figure Entrepreneur

April 2011, I was sitting at a bus stop on my way home from university and I was stabbed FOUR times by a stranger with a 12inch kitchen knife.

I was rushed to hospital, revived twice and went through nine hours of life saving surgery including an artery transplant and full reconstruction to my brachial plexus.

After this horrific experience, I suffered from anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and totally lost myself. 

However, I came back fighting. I knew I was born to make a difference and 9 weeks after my near death experience I started my first business. 

I had no money, no expertise, no confidence and no real answers to how I was going to make it work. I wanted to make my business work sooooooooo badly though and there was literally no other option than to find a way.

I’ll never forget the moment when I committed to stop being a little b*tch and get out of my own way. It was one of those “all in or all out” moments.

I backed that commitment with a large amount of personal and business development investing over 200k into events, masterminds and incredible mentors that have truly had my back and of course I put my head down and started making sh*t happen.

I figured out what I needed to do to make all this “brand and business” stuff really work and that’s exactly what I did.


I made my first 100k in sales within my first 18 months of launching my business.

I started making 2.5k a month, then a consistent 10k, 20k and then it REALLY took off when I had my first 50k month in August of 2014.

I then launched my second coaching business and hit 10k months In 6 months.

Fast forward to today and my businesses consistently generates multi 5 figure months and I have complete freedom to design every aspect of my life.

I figured out how to create a life on my terms and a build an empire around my story, my passions and expertise, now the most important thing to me is that I get to empower and equip you to do the same. 

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