I remember laying on the hospital bed, my body severed and as I was about to be put to sleep… wondering if I’d wake back up.

As I closed my eyes believing it was for eternal sleep I actually felt relief. The pain I’d experienced through my childhood, the grief I was feeling from Melissa dying in a car accident 6 week prior would be over.

The truth is I had at that point given up, I was tired of fighting and I didn’t feel worthy of this life. I believed I wouldn’t be missed.

9 hours of live saving surgery later… I woke up. However, my career had been taken away, I was now disabled and my porcelain skin was covered in scars by one persons decision to cause destruction.

I was broken.

I turned my feelings… OFF.

I got in to 35k of credit card debt. I was facing bankruptcy. My house was on the verge of being repossessed. I was buying food £10 at a time and only leaving the house and filling the car with £5 if it was absolutely necessary.

I guess you could say… it was a shitty time.

However with every cloud comes a silver lining and I was presented with an opportunity and although I was suffering with the big D’s (Delay, Denial, Distraction and Doubt)… I remember feeling a slight glimmer of hope.

The years to follow surrounded me with personal development, with amazing high level entrepreneurs and I started to believe. In myself. In my desires. In my dreams. In my purpose and I built a 6 figure Coaching biz in under 2 years.

I was moulded, my beliefs were altered and I truly came to believe that I was a guiding light, that my soul was magnetic, that my heart beats loudly, that I was here on purpose for a purpose and I was changing the world.

I became unstoppable.

Now you will have people sent to distract you…

This year alone I’ve been mocked, patronised, belittled, bullied… I have been told “I’m unrealistic” “I create too much” “No one has a purpose we are just here” basically that I shine too brightly and should go back in a box.

I’m here to tell you… FUCK THAT SHIT!

You are enough.

You are valued.

You passions, your purpose, your life… matter.

You were born for greatness!

You were born to stand out!

You were born to change lives!

You were born to shine!

Here’s some of my top tips on unleashing your greatness, becoming an unstoppable force and empowering others to do the same:


How would you act?

How would you speak?

How would you dress?

How would you walk, talk, act?

How would your life look?

How would your days pan out?

How would you treat yourself?

Start doing those things NOW! Decide who you are going to be, go be it and share your best life. Sharing a life you love is the most powerful marketing strategy there is.


Who are you?

Who are you not?

Whats your story?

What impact do you want to make and why?

Whats your WHY?

What are your values, beliefs and passions?

What are your dreams and desires?

Use this in your content.


What increases your energy?

What makes you happy?

Who and what helps you want to be and do better?

Surround yourself with these things!


What decreases your energy?

What makes you unhappy?

Who and what makes you question yourself and dim your shine?

Remove this toxicity from your life. No ifs. No buts. Do it!

Step into your power so that you can help others do the same and don’t let anyone EVER dim your sparkle!

Love always,

Tanya xx

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